Beginning Spanish Unit 6
De compras

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Important links:

Unit Objectives:

New Vocabulary
La ropa (adicional)
Los colores
Palabras para ir de compras
recuerdos básicos
Patterns / Pronunciation
Preterite past tense
Indirect object pronouns (le / les)
Pronunciation: d / t
Communication goals
Shop, Bargain, Look for Sales and otherwise buy everything in sight...
Talk about things in the simple past tense
Discuss Cuba

Class schedules:
Class #16:
Tarea (class #16):
  1. Begin working on new vocabulary for unit 6.  Build new words into dialogs, using old vocabulary previously learned.
  2. Review pages 170-177 with audio CD, completing the exercises as needed.
  3. Complete the exercises on pages 186-189 (demonstratives)
  4. Watch video segment #6 on your video-CD.
  5. Review pages 178-181, dealing with the preterite past tense.  If you would like additional practice, go to one of the following links:
    1.  (click on exercise #7, after signing in)
    2. (introduces both past tenses in a general overview)
    3.  (just preterite exercises)
    4. (general overview of all preterite forms)
  6. Conversation practice: Practice mini-dialogs for shopping
Class #17: Tarea (class #17):
  1. Review activities on pages 182-185 (indirect object pronouns).  These are pretty deep, so don't panic if they are difficult.
  2. Complete reading and listening activities in chapter 6
  3. Preview material on Cuba (pages 196-197)
  4. Finish test (1-6)

Class #18:

  1. Review and correct test 1-6
  2. Riesgo de repaso
  3. Mini-conversaciones (todas las temas)
  4. "So what do I do now?"
Tarea (class #18):
  1. Well, that was course #1.  I hope it wasn't too slow...
  2. Finish exercises that you haven't had time to do.  Go on if you would like.
  3. SPEAK.
  4. I will see many of you in a couple of weeks in course #2: A journey to the past...