Beginning Spanish Unit 4
Los pasatiempos

The Spanish Language Learning Center

Important links:

Unit Objectives:

New Vocabulary
Leisure activities / entertainment
Additional places in the city
New actions (stem-changing / irregular yo)
Patterns / Pronunciation
Stem-changing verbs
irregular-yo verbs
gustar-type verbs (reviewed)
Talking about the weather
Pronunciation: word stress and accent marks
Communication goals
Talk about your hobbies
Narrate expanded daily activities
Talk about the weather
Express simple likes / dislikes
Talk about México

Class schedules:
Class #11: Tarea (class #11):
  1. Continue working on your vocabulary retention cards for unit 4.  Remember, try to use everything in a sentence or other context as you learn the word.
  2. Review the new vocabulary (los pasatiempos) in the textbook on pages 104 - 107, completing the activities (#1 uses the Audio CD) and checking your answers with the answer key (provided in class).
  3. Watch video segment #4 on your video-CD.  This time, do not use the transcription or translation features until you have watched the video at least twice and tried to complete the exercises on page 110.  After working through the video for as much comprehension as possible, go back to the video and use the transcription/translation features for additional comprehension and pronunciation practice.  Check your answers to the exercises with the answer key.
  4. Pronunciation practice: Page 111 with audio CD.
  5. Review pages 112-121 in your textbook which review the ir, stem-changing verbs and irregular-yo form verbs.  These are the last "irregular" verbs in the present tense of Spanish!  Click on one of the links below for additional practice:
    1. Conjuguemos #2 (stem-changing verbs).  You will now need to log in and then select exercise #2
    2. (stem-changing verbs (exercises 28-30)
    3. (irregular-yo form verbs) (exercise 50)
  6. Conversation practice: Last week, we worked on sentence formation.  You are now capable of forming any sentence in the present tense (due to the last category of irregular verbs learned.  The difficulty will be vocabulary.  So use what you have, learn what you need, and have fun!)  Talk about hobbies, sports, an afternoon in the park, EVERYTHING!
Class #12: Tarea (class #12):
  1. Finish material in chapter 4 (fast, isn't it?).  Focus especially on the communication tasks at the end of the chapter.
  2. Read the section on México (p. 132-133) and come prepared with questions for your fellow classmates
  3. Talk about the weather!  (That's what we do when conversation lags, right?)
  4. For additional weather practice, click here:
  5. Practice, practice, practice with the new verbs learned this chapter.
  6. Talk about your hobbies, what you do in your leisure time, etc.  If we didn't learn the word, you still need to :)
  7. Continue preparing for your second conversation lab.