Beginning Spanish Unit 5 
Las vacaciones 

The Spanish Language Learning Center

Important links: 

Unit Objectives:

New Vocabulary 
La agencia de viajes 
El hotel 
El aeropuerto 
La playa / las vacaciones 
Las estaciones y meses 
Las condiciones y emociones
Patterns / Pronunciation 
Estar with conditions and emotions (reviewed) 
Present progressive 
Ser vs. estar 
Direct object pronouns (me, te, lo, la, nos, los, las) 
Numbers 101 and higher 
Pronunciation: b / v
Communication goals 
Survive in the following situations: 
   Arranging a trip 
   Checking in to a hotel 
   Airport / taxi 
   Beach / vacation life 
   Other general travel situations 
Talk about Puerto Rico

Class schedules:
Class #13: Tarea (class #13):
  1. Continue working on your vocabulary retention cards for unit 5.  Remember, try to use everything in a sentence or other context as you learn the word.
  2. Review the new vocabulary (los viajes) in the textbook on pages 136 - 139, completing the activities (#1 uses the Audio CD) and checking your answers with the answer key (provided in class).
  3. Watch video segment #5 on your video-CD.
  4. Review pages 144-153 in your textbook which review additional uses for "estar" as well as the difference between "ser" and "estar". Click on the link below for additional practice:
    1. (ser vs. estar, exercises 15-18)
  5. Conversation practice: Create a mini-dialog for each of the four basic situations presented in this chapter: travel agency, hotel, airport, beach.  This will take time, but make them complete sentences and as correct as possible.  You have a lot of language ability--time to exercise it!  Please come to class prepared with dialogs next session.
Class #14: Tarea (class #14):
  1. Finish material in chapter 5.  Focus especially on the communication tasks at the end of the chapter.
  2. Read the section on Puerto Rico (p. 160-161, 166-167) and come prepared with questions for your fellow classmates.  Complete activities in the book and check your answers with the answer key.
  3. Pronunciation practice: Page 143 with audio CD.
  4. Go crazy with this travel stuff.  Practice with everyone you possibly can.  Phone a friend, poll the audience, use a lifeline.  Do anything you need to to SPEAK!

Class #15:

  1. Repaso de vocabulario: el hotel / el aeropuerto / la agencia / las vacaciones
  2. Conversaciones improvistas de las vacaciones
  3. Introduction to direct-object pronouns (práctica, práctica, práctica)
  4. Charla: Fotonovela
  5. Charla: Puerto Rico
  6. Pronunciación: b / v
  7. Vocabulario nuevo: la ropa (con repaso de adjetivos)
  8. Preview: "El Robot"
Tarea (class #15):
  1. Complete the translation worksheet on "direct object pronouns"
  2. Finish material in chapter 5, checking answers as needed.
  3. For additional help with the direct object pronouns, visit and complete exercises 41-43.
  4. Read the story passed out in class, "El Robot".  Be prepared to discuss important issues next time :)
  5. Continue preparing for your second conversation lab (Scheduling?)